Bluetooth 3.0 Blazing Fast: But is it Easier to Setup and Use Than 2.0?

Engadget tells us…
Bluetooth 3.0 + HS gets official, adds speed with 802.11
This is great news on the surface since it boosts data transfer from Bluetooth 2.0’s 3Mbps to about 24Mbps.
But the problems real people have with Bluetooth generally do not have anything to do with speed limitations. The real problem lies in Bluetooth stack (driver) quality and Bluetooth Profiles (how protocols and devices deal with Bluetooth). I, for example, have found a great deal of variability in how well Bluetooth works on Windows Mobile smartphones. Some were a snap to configure to use with Bluetooth and ActiveSync. Others never worked at all no matter how many different ways I tried to configure Bluetooth. The Apple iPhone 3G sometimes drops audio to my Bluetooth speaker. The Nokia N96, on the other hand, has been rock solid in working with Bluetooth speakers.
It doesn’t matter how fast Bluetooth 3.0 will be if using it is akin to rolling dice.