Former Entertainment Tonight Co-Host is Happy as Can Be in Cincinnati

The funniest thing about Cincinnati Enquirer TV and media critic John Kiesewetter’s blog item regarding the debut of a new weekday morning FM radio tandem is the headline. It asks, with unabashed amazement: “How Did Bob Goen End Up in Cincinnati?

The headline might as well be, “What Went Wrong?” Or more specifically, “What the Heck Would Make Someone Who Has Hit the Big Time in Los Angeles Opt for the Medium Time in Ohio?” Goen and his multi-talented, Groundlings alum wife Marianne Curan are the new morning-drive team at 98.5 WARM FM (a.k.a. WRRM-FM):

Here’s the deal: Bob and Marianne wanted to do a radio show, after hosting an audio-streamed game show for GSN a few years ago. They ran into a Cumulus radio exec in LA, followed up with an audition tape, and Cumulus steered them to their WARM98, where program director Chris Lynn had been covering mornings and middays (5 am-2pm) since Dean Miuccio was fired two years ago.

Although Goen started out in radio after graduating from San Diego State in 1977, he tells Kiesewetter he still feels he has a lot to learn. But so far, the Long Beach native says he is loving his new Midwestern home base.

Image courtesy: WARM98

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