Bob Grant Not Ready to Give Up His WABC Shift

Bob Grant, the talk show host who recently celebrated 40 years in New York radio, apparently doesn’t know how to say goodbye. Grant, 83, is doing an awkward about face in a posting on his Web site, bobgrantonline.

Now he writes under the headline, Got Your Attention! that he isn’t leaving his Sunday afternoon show on WABC–yet.

“Yesterday I wrote a column that made it appear this was to be my last Sunday on WABC. It was a mistake. It was not my last show.”

Grant added that the ploy was to “get your attention since last week so many of you didn’t know I was only one hour. I got your attention but I upset a lot of people. I have had a lot of practice upsetting people. But, enough about me and that erroneous message.”

As Grant pointed out, yesterday he wrote, with the less-than-subtle headline, My Final Broadcast at WABC, “I will end the one-hour show next Sunday… I am tired of certain people who, were it not for me, would not be where they are now. I have been the victim of a cruel conspiracy.”

It’s clear now why WABC operations manager Tony Mascaro had no comment to FishbowlNY yesterday as we ride on Grant’s roller coaster for at least another week.

Grant ends his latest blog passage stating, “And, don’t worry about me leaving the radio. . . at least not just yet.”


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