Schieffer Went Unmolested Because ‘He’s Awesome’

The results of our Fish Poll are in and it was a nail biter.

Yesterday we asked readers why CBS News’s Bob Schieffer went so unscathed by both the chattering media and the candidates during Monday’s presidential debate.

The explanation most selected was that… Schieffer is “awesome” and “the best moderator this year.” The answer was clicked by 36.9 percent of respondents.

Rolling in at second place was this answer: ” Everyone’s over it; this has been a painfully long election and we’re all just a little tired of bitching anymore.” That received 33.33 percent of the vote.

Third, with 19.05 percent: “It was the final debate and it wouldn’t have made a difference for anyone to complain one way or another.”

The answers least selected were “His age; Schieffer is much older than Raddatz and Crowley. Though he’s not older than Lehrer, Lehrer is on public access TV and no one likes that,” and “It’s the accent; Schieffer’s Texas accent is disarming. How could anyone be upset with him?” Those explanations received 7.14 percent and 3.57 percent, respectively.