Bob Woodward On ‘Fox News Sunday’: Snyder Will Sell Redskins in 2015

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This week on “Fox News Sunday,” host Chris Wallace and his panel looked back at the biggest stories of 2014 in their ‘Year in Review’ edition. The panelists were asked to make bold predictions on everything from politics to entertainment.

Interestingly, even the predictions regarding sports had a very DC flavor to them — Susan Page, Washington Bureau Chief of USA Today, predicted that the Washington Nationals would win the World Series in 2015; while Steve Hayes of The Weekly Standard predicted that the Washington Capitals would make run in this year’s Stanley Cup playoffs (although this was not his official prediction).

Wallace even gave a shout out to his buddy, Ted Leonsis (owner of the Wizards and Capitals), by stating, “I have to say also, the Washington Wizards, our basketball team, very strong. And John Wall, a potential MVP candidate.”

“It’s our year,” responded Page.

“That’s right, it’s our year and America is not gonna be particularly happy about that,” said Wallace.

Most intriguing of these strangely upbeat predictions, yet most unlikely to occur, was Bob Woodward’s very bold prediction that Daniel Snyder would finally sell the Washington Redskins.

“I did some reporting and I actually put some thought into it, and that is Danny Snyder, the owner of the Redskins, who’s had past success in business, will realize he’s part of the problem and he’s going to sell it,” prophesied Woodward. “He’s going to sell the Redskins and the bidding war is going to be between Apple and Google. They are the ones that have the money. They’re the only ones who could afford it. I mean think of it, the Washington Apples?”

“Well, let me say, I think there is absolutely no chance of that happening,” Wallace said. “I know Mr. Snyder a little bit. He ain’t selling.”

All bold, optimistic predictions. Maybe Woodward has been meeting with a source in an underground parking over at Ashburn, otherwise this seems highly unlikely. Having spent so much time in Washington, I’m shocked that even the tiniest shred of optimism surrounding DC sports has not been strangled out of both Wallace and Woodward. But let’s keep our fingers crossed and hope for these holiday miracles to come true.

Oh, and let’s go Wizards!

Video courtesy of Fox News Sunday.

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