Bob Zmuda Insists: Andy Kaufman May Still Not Be Dead

AndyKaufmanTruthFinallyCoverHere’s an assignment for some enterprising features journo. Pick up on the following question, part of a recent Q&A in the Washington Times with Andy Kaufman pal Bob Zmuda, and research-run with it:

Q: Do you really believe he faked his death?

A: I know he faked his death! I worked with him on it for three years! Working for Andy was like working for Houdini. You guarded these illusions of the mind with your life. I couldn’t tell my wife, couldn’t tell my mother. When you went to see Andy Kaufman, you would leave his shows wondering if what you saw was real or not. That was the benchmark that we strived for.

Of course, if Kaufrman did indeed walk away from his own passing, he may have died in the intervening 30 years. However, if somehow Kaufman were to miraculously re-appear today, Zmuda says he would have no trouble recognizing that person as the real AK.

Zmuda and Kaufman’s former girlfriend Lynne Margulies have written a new book, titled Andy Kaufman: The Truth, Finally. Lots more good stuff in the Q&A conducted by Keith Valcourt, including memories of Budd Friedman‘s Improv in New York City in the mid-1970s and a quick way to confirm the death hoax via Bethel Cemetery in Great Neck, NY.

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