Boomlagoon’s Monsu Launches on iOS

MonsuBoomlagoon has announced the launch of Monsu on iOS devices. The collectible card-based platformer sees players taking on the role of Monsu, a friendly green monster, as he runs as far as he can from left to right on the screen, jumping over obstacles, defeating enemies and collecting diamonds on the path. While the game technically contains level-based missions, players can continue to run on the path after they’ve completed any specific mission goals, until they eventually fall to an obstacle, in an effort to earn more points.

As a collectible card experience, players collect over 40 cards, which may contain companion creatures or weapons and other items. Users can equip up to three cards at once for free, swapping these out to fit their own play style and current mission requirements. One mission may ask players to score a large number of points, with points being earned by collecting diamonds, as well as from jumping onto enemies or running through small buildings to destroy them. Another mission may ask players to defeat specific enemies, while another challenges them to smash through multiple buildings, and so on.

During actual gameplay, Monsu runs automatically, and users tap on the screen to jump over gaps, spikes and other obstacles, and can double-tap to double jump. Randomly-appearing magnets help players collect all nearby diamonds, while shields give gamers a short boost of invincibility. When players collect enough diamonds, a fever mode is triggered for a short period of time. This adds even more diamonds to the screen for collection, thereby helping players boost their high score for the level.

Players receive coins or premium currency rewards for finishing levels (as well as occasional free cards), and can spend these coins on upgrades for their cards. Cards like companion animals can be upgraded to attack more frequently, for instance, while a weapon like a spear can be upgraded to toss two spears at once, instead of one (in this particular case, spears are thrown as players double-jump while running). Finally, mount cards, like a dinosaur, can be upgraded to last longer once activated. Mounts are invincible, and are activated by collecting special berries while running.

Currency can also be used to purchase card packs. A basic pack is available for coins, while others cost premium currency (real money). A lives system is also present in the game to limit the length of a single gameplay session. Lives recharge automatically over time, or can be purchased with real money.

“We’re focused on creating rich, character-driven experiences that players love – this is what we do particularly well,” said Antti Stén, CEO of Boomlagoon, in a statement. “We’ve created a game that is really easy to play, instantly rewards the gamer and provides unlimited ways to progress through fun environments.”

Monsu is available to download for free on the iTunes App Store. The game is currently featured as a “Best New Game” on the platform. We experienced some loading issues during our time with the game, but we expect these to be fixed over time.