Boston Globe‘s Scott Van Voorhis Responds to Critics Over His ‘Anti-Architect’ Piece

A few weeks ago, you may have caught the brief hubbub over Boston Globe columnist Scott Van Voorhis‘ piece “Some Good Reasons to Ditch the Architect,” wherein he argued that it’s sometimes a good idea to just get a contractor to design and build a plan, thus cutting out the middle man along the way who is doing all that expensive creative work. What started off as, we’re sure, a small, mid-week story for Van Voorhis, wound up making the rounds all over the internet, occasionally with some derogatory commentary. And because of this blow up, the writer has responded to the comments he received back with a perhaps poorly worded title, “Some Very Angry Architects.” While he stands behind the original story, saying he was just making a comment on what was right for he and his wife at that time on a particular project with limited resources, he attempts to clarify that he wasn’t trying to tell people to stop using architects entirely. It’s not an apology, for sure, and we’ll let you be the judge over whether or not one was needed in the first place, but it was certainly nice to see Van Voorhis reply to the mini-controversy.

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