Bracket Madness: 5 Others to Play This March

Leave it to the PR people at Challenger, Gray and Christmas to throw a wet blanket over our workplace fun.  According to the employment outplacement firm, we’re going to spend a hell of a lot of time online at work this month, hogging bandwidth, cheering, crying, and finally setting fire to our March Madness Bracket printouts.  But what of the other things that need to be promoted in a winner-take-all format?

We’ve assembled five other brackets for your consideration, three of broad appeal and two of local interest to show the varying ways we can heap adoration or scorn on the things we follow.  Pencils ready?

  • Consumerist’s Worst Company In America tournament– We’ve written about this one before.  Consumerist’s traffic-generating contest sets the gold standard for bracketology, offering consumers countless chances to dump on the companies they hate. Voting begins on the 12th.  The winner takes home the Golden Poo!
  •’s Jargon Madness— This one is quite relevant to the PR business.  Reach Out now to Empower and Leverage your vote for the finals.
  • Grantland’s Smacketology–A brilliant way to celebrate vivid characters that make up the TV show The Wire.  I’m calling this one right now: Omar Little.
  • New York magazine’s Vulture blog’s bracket for the Best TV Drama of the last 25 years — The Wire has a good chance here too.
  • Cleveland Magazine’s Nothing But Net bracket— 32 of the best local entertainment blogs compete for the crown here.  Brilliant ploy for traffic, poorly executed.  Though the magazine’s Facebook wall is seeing some action, no one gets the linklove.  Voting takes place on SurveyMonkey.
  • Lightening 100’s Music City Mayhem— Nashville’s independent radio station bracket winner gets to perform at Live On the Green! at the Tin Roof.

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