BrainJewel from TribePlay is a Facebook Puzzle Game Fit for a Pharaoh

TribePlay has made its debut on Facebook with BrainJewel, a puzzle game with an Egyptian theme. The title is currently in beta, having gone live in August.

According to our traffic tracking service AppData, BrainJewel currently has 3,538 monthly active users and 257 daily active users.

BrainJewel sets itself apart from many other Facebook puzzle games in that it isn’t based around one main game mechanic. Instead, it’s a collection of different puzzle games connected by the fact that they’re all brain-teasers. Many of the puzzles are memory or math-based, requiring players to quickly match objects and solve equations in order to win. All of the puzzles are presented in keeping with the game’s ancient Egyptian theme, meaning they incorporate famous sights, artifacts and elements, such as pyramids, mummies and scarabs.

Players receive jewels as the primary reward for playing each of the included games. As a secondary reward, players level up by earning treasure points each time a puzzle is played and unlock new puzzles by earning accumulating star rankings on each puzzle. Monetization comes in with three types of power-ups that players can purchase and use to better their score in the puzzles: one grants an instant two-times score multiplier, one protects the score multiplier against wrong answers and one adds additional time to the games’ clocks. These power-ups can be bought with jewels, which the player earns through gameplay, buy with Facebook Credits, or win as part of a once-per-day slot machine mini-game.

The game’s main social feature allows players to challenge their friends in any of its puzzles. This feature basically sends an alert to friends challenging them to beat a player’s best score. There’s also a friend invite feature, gifting and the ability to brag about accomplishments via players’ Walls. BrainJewel also makes use of TapJoy’s AppStrip cross-promotion bar.

TribePlay plans to launch French, Portuguese and Spanish versions of the game in the coming weeks, according to a Wall post from the developer. The company has also enhanced the game with new artifacts, an improved tutorial and bug fixes. An upcoming update announced by the company is meant to improve the game’s speed.

You can follow BrainJewel’s progress using AppData, our traffic tracking service for social games and developers.