Breaking News Just Got Broke All Up in MSNBC’s Chuck Todd’s Behind


Stay Classy CNN and MSNBC.

BREAKING: Social media has obliterated any hope for broadcast news to break any stories before Twitter gets its talons on it. I understand the hypersensitivity of competition in broadcast news, which is why PR professionals are constantly trying to get their game up. However, lately, “breaking news” seems to be about as overstated as a Kardashian anywhere in the news.

Recently, MSNBC’s Chuck Todd took to Twitter trying to place CNN on blast for its “breaking news” terminology. And then CNN producer Vaughn Sterling returned the volley with some serious stink on it. So great.

Chuck Todd was being a company man trying to get headlines for the beleaguered cross-eyed cousin of the Peacock any way he could. He took note of the ridiculous Wolf Blitzkrieg of Malaysian Airlines Flight 370, and how CNN is trying to pimp every piece of news like it deserves “Handel’s Messiah” blaring in the background.

So, he tweets this in response to Bermuda Triangle, Black Hole, and Deep Water talk:

I can’t say I blame the guy, but hey pot … this is the kettle and you are so black. At least, that’s what CNN producer (and my new favorite guy I want to pitch) Vaughn Sterling thinks. In true “Daily Show” fashion, he did some perfunctory research and put Todd on blast. All via Twitter, of course.

And it gets even awesomer…

And then, he drops trow and moons Chuck Todd, just in case…

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