Breathalyzer App Finds You Cabs and Shares Your Location

New breathalyzer hardware connects to your phone. The app will find you a restaurant, call a cab and share your location with friends so they can help you.

breathalyzer app

Normally, what happens in Vegas should stay in Vegas, but we should make exceptions for some of the tech coming out of CES. Like FLOOME, a smartphone breathalyzer that launched yesterday at the show.

After raising funds via crowdfunding projects, FLOOME is finally ready for the masses. Touting “award winning Italian design,” the breathalyzer attaches to the jack on your phone and requires no warm up time or calibration. It uses fuel sensors to gauge your intoxication level based on your gender and size. The app will tell you how long you need to wait until you can drive, shows you how to get a cab or offers nearby restaurants to wait it out over a burger. It even has a removable mouthpiece so you can share with friends.

That’s not the only thing you can share with friends, either. You can overlay selfies with your BAC level and post to Facebook or Twitter with a  “social map highlighted with your location and your BAC so your friends can see where are, if you are safe to get home or might need some assistance,” according to a statement.

This is an interesting feature. Do you really want a drunk selfie posted on Facebook with your location? I don’t know that my friends would be all that compassionate and would probably take to taunting. But it could be useful on college campuses or spring break-type vacations. Kids these days, right?


Fabio Penzo, CEO of 2045TECH, the agency behind FLOOME said in a statement:

FLOOME is a brand new way to have fun and stay in control when you drink. FLOOME can help you to call for a ride home or find food nearby if you have had too much to drink. Or, you can share your BAC to let your friends know whether you need help or, if you have not been drinking, you can let them know that you can safely drive them home. FLOOME fits in your purse or pocket, feels good to the touch and can be a new drinking buddy whenever you go out.  That’s why we say, ‘If you drink, FLOOME.

The hardware is cute and the lack of calibration time makes it easy to use. Sync it to Uber and it could be the new normal. It will be available in the U.S. later this year and is compatible with iOS, Android and Windows phones.

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