(UPDATED) Breitbart People Hammer Away at BuzzFeed

The crew at Breitbart.com have it in for BuzzFeed. Yesterday Breitbart posted a story under the headline “BuzzFeed: The New Wonkette?” The post takes issue with BuzzFeed publishing a recent piece by Jack Stuef, formerly with D.C gossip blog Wonkette.

Back when he wrote for Wonkette, Stuef caught flack for writing a tasteless post on former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin‘s son Trig who has Down syndrome. Stuef went away for a while following the controversy but two days ago he wrote a weird story about Facebook memes for BuzzFeed. The Breitbart people caught whiff of Stuef and went after him, questioning BuzzFeed‘s newfound “cred” as a solid news outlet.

The Breitbart post was the latest in a slew of attacks against BuzzFeed. Yesterday Breitbart editor John Nolte called BuzzFeedpathetic.” Last week Joel B. Pollak accused BuzzFeed of shilling for President Obama. And the list goes on and on.

The Daily Caller is also known to go after BuzzFeed. Tucker Carlson, founder of The DC, recently called BuzzFeed‘s editor Ben Smith a “left wing hack.”

FBDC asked Smith if he saw any issues with publishing Stuef’s writing. “I don’t keep good enough track of other work that’s been done by people who freelance for us to have anything informed to [say],” Smith told us by email.

Smith also pointed us to a story on his site that analyzes the effect that disabled children have had on the pro-life movement, though it wasn’t written by Stuef.

We requested comment from Breitbart’s Dana Loesch on the matter and will update if she responds.

UPDATE: Loesch finally got back to us. She informs us by email that she’s been busy celebrating at birthday, thus her late response.

To our question as to whether the Breitbart site views BuzzFeed and/or Ben Smith as liberals, she responded simply: “Er, yeah.”