Bret Baier Faces Pointed Criticism for Tie

As a TV journalist, FNC anchor Bret Baier faces a lot of crap about the way he looks. His weight. His hair. How tired he may look on any given day. Last night he faced serious criticism for his apparently questionable taste in ties.

“Bret, that is the ugliest tie I have ever seen,” offered “Jim.” Bret, as usual, welcomed his critic with open arms and replied, “Thanks Jim — I’ll remember that.” Next up: A woman exquisitely named “Hooch01Kathy” seconded Jim’s remarks, saying, “haha I was thinking the same thing and it was crooked :)” Bret appeared to take a woman who calls herself HoochKathy seriously enough and came back with: “Tough crowd.”

We reached out to Bret for comment on whether the harsh critiques ever hurt his feelings and whether they prompt him to not wear the alleged ugly tie again.

Meanwhile — and this could sting a little Bret — Current TV’s David Shuster is getting rave reviews for his suits. One told him the suits were “top notch.” To which Shu replied, “Thank you. This week, as always, I’m wearing @hickeyfreeman1 @hartschaffner. Great suits made in the USA.”

Unlike Baier, when another follower tried to insult Shuster’s choice in suits, he didn’t take it lying down. David Douglas, an apparent Chicago-based journo, said Italian suits far surpassed the ones worn by Shuster. “I have custom suits by both and neither fit anywhere close to as well as off-the-rack Italian suits,” he told Shuster, who replied by firing back: “Because you alone don’t fit into some suits, you state an entire industry is better overseas? You sir, are an idiot.” What’s more, he added, “And you claim to be a journalist? Try doing some homework. @hickeyfreeman1 @hartschaffner suits are made in the USA.”