A Good Description of Journalism in the Smartphone Age

Painful, unless you own Apple stock.

On this #AppleEvent Wednesday, it seems fitting to highlight a succinct and accurate summary of how devices like the iPhone have impacted the craft of journalism. Read it and weep:

Journalism is now scrolled through on smartphones, somewhere in between one of the Kardashians, pictures of sunsets and people saying “Yay!” on social media. And journalism is cutting its cloth accordingly – more OMG! content.

That passage is lifted from a lively Irish Times column by Brian Boyd titled “OMG! Journalism Gets Emotional.” Boyd goes on to share a cautionary anecdote about an author friend, who revealed the contingent demand made by a London newspaper in exchange for a profile attached to that writer’s latest tome.

There’s also an interesting mention of New York-based writer and professor Susan Shapiro.

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