Broadcast Legend ‘Appalled’ by Michelle Fields

During a recent interview with broadcasting icon Morley Safer, C-SPAN’s Brian Lamb played a clip of a lengthy interview he conducted with Michelle Fields (before she was dismissed by The Daily Caller) last year. In the clip, Michelle sings the praises of citizen journalism. She says that it gives voices to people who wouldn’t normally have a voice and that things like “Twitter and Facebook have enabled people who are not in the media to become one of the loudest voices in the media.” After hearing the clip, Safer seems genuinely gutted. The look on his face says it all. He said he is “appalled” and had to confirm with Lamb that she actually thinks that it’s a good idea. When Lamb assures him that yes, she does, Safer can only respond by saying, “I think it’s a dreadful idea.”

There may be some truth to what Fields is saying. Sure, there are those who have bucked the system and become successful by casting establishment journalism aside. But, in the process, they usually become establishment journalism. They reach beyond “Facebook and Twitter.”

Safer goes on to explain that “good journalism and good reporting must work within the constraints of great editing.” Can you even imagine if you had to edit what your friends say on Facebook? Safer drives the point home by saying, “I would trust citizen journalism as much as I’d trust citizen surgery.” What a total smackdown of the Michelle Mentality that people “who are not in the media” deserve to be taken as seriously as career journalists.

See the whole video for yourself…