Budgetary Woes Cause Ten Layoffs At WKAR In Lansing

WKAR, a public broadcaster in Lansing, Mich., laid off ten employees in August, citing budgetary woes.

Until recently, though, nobody knew how many employees had been affected or who they were. Thanks to Lansing City Pulse, it is now known that the layoffs affected two supervisors, two technicians, two clerical workers, two producers and reporter Rob South, who was a seven-year veteran of the station. One other employee is still unaccounted for.

In 2010, WKAR TV’s expenses overshot revenues by $456,000, while WKAR radio’s expenses were greater by $179,000.

Cutting these ten positions will save the broadcaster over a half million dollars.

A spokeswoman for Michigan State University, which owns the stations, said that the college “needed to take immediate action to try and stabilize WKAR’s finances, which were experiencing a “long-term deficit trend,” adding that no further layoffs were expected.