BulkyPix, GAS Release My Perfect Man on Facebook

My Perfect ManBulkyPix and GAS have announced the launch of their first co-produced game, My Perfect Man, on Facebook and mobile devices. The game is a life simulation title aimed at women, which allows them to create and mail-order their ideal man, who turns out to be anything but perfect. The game is more easily described as a pet simulation title (mixed with a bit of The Sims), but instead of raising and caring for the needs of a pet, players raise their man and teach him skills.

To start, players design their perfect man, choosing from a variety of head shapes, hairstyles, ear shapes, mouths, noses and much more.  After designing their “perfect” man, he’s delivered to the game and users go to work, “training” him to be a respectable human being. Players must keep his needs in mind, as he, at first, won’t care about cleanliness or want to perform chores around the house, but can be persuaded after repeated attempts.

Gamers can drag and drop the man around the environment to trigger certain actions, like cleaning up messes or playing with entertainment objects (like a basketball). Players can train the man in multiple skills and hobbies, from furniture creation to painting and cooking, as examples. Players can also purchase certain skill or furniture pieces outright to open up more activities for their man. However, as the man is forced to complete actions, he loses both energy points and may have a decreased mood, depending on the action.My Perfect ManPlayers are led through the game by a quest series, and the man becomes more intelligent and skilled as users repeatedly complete tasks in the same hobby. For instance, the first stage of the cooking hobby is a “Microwave Expert,” but the more players have their man cook, the more complex recipes they’ll unlock, until they reach the level of Master Chef.

It should be noted that as players are at the beginning of each hobby, the results of the man’s crafting experiments will likely be less than desirable (broken chairs, shirts with holes in them, etc.). Users can sell these items or gift them to others to get rid of them before trying again.

For social features, users can visit their friends’ homes to see their men and clean any trash that has been left on the floor. Users can also ask their friends to help them complete timed tasks, like adding rooms onto the home, as an example.

My Perfect Man is available to play for free on Facebook, and to download for free on the iTunes App Store and Google Play. The game offers cross-platform progress syncing, so users can keep their progress intact when playing on multiple devices.