Bullied Girl Posts Story on Reddit; Bully Is Arrested

A Maryland student tired of being bullied posted her story on Reddit to help her in “gaining momentum” for a plan to get the bully punished.  The bully engaged in all sorts of online and offline bullying, and after the student – under the pseudonym “Sarah” – started to dig around she found that other students had also been complaining.  As the evidence mounted, a picture began to form: the bully was a menacing, vitriolic young man with a propensity for death threats.

Reddit quickly started to flood the school with emails demanding that action be taken against the bully, and although some “were a little nasty,” they got the job done.  The next day at school, Sarah’s principal called the police and the victims were able to share their story and the police were called in to question and arrest the 17-year-old for harassment.

School administrators later alerted county police of a harassment allegation involving a female student. A two-day investigation followed, police spokesman Justin Mulcahy said. On March 16, officers arrested the 17-year-old boy and charged him as a juvenile with harassment. He was later released to his family.

Reddit is making it a habit to help people in need around the world, and while there are certainly risks to having the Reddit hivemind turn on the wrong person, so far there has been a lot of good done by the community.  We covered their help of Bear Silber to identify his disease and their aid of a patient with terminal cancer.