High School Student’s Petition Fails to Sway MPAA

Katy Butler, a 17-year-old Michigan student who has experienced bullying first-hand, traveled from her home state to LA this week to deliver an online petition to the Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA). The document contains an impressive 220,000+ signatures calling for the organization to revise down its “R” rating for upcoming Weinstein Co. documentary release Bully.

But according to Fox News columnist Hollie McKay, MPAA reps were less than forthcoming today:

“The MPAA told me they did not want to change the rating…” Butler said. “I felt very dismissed, like I was talked down to because I’m a high school student. They only wanted to talk ratings; I was hoping they would really listen to what I have to say.”

Butler says she will continue to campaign for more signatures on the Change.org petition, and plans to return to the MPAA before the scheduled March 30 opening of Bully for another attempt to make the film more accessible in theaters to teens. The crusading high schooler has been getting lots of media coverage this week, including this nice piece yesterday on TheWrap by Joshua L. Weinstein.

[Image courtesy Weinstein Co.]

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