Bunnies’ Empire: Defend Your Gardens From Foxes on Mobile

Bunnies EmpirePart-time indie game developer Dominic Hamelin-Blais has released Bunnies’ Empire on iOS and Android devices. The game pits a bunny military force against an evil clan of foxes, who wish to destroy the bunnies’ gardens. The tower defense title is incredibly similar to PopCap’s Plants vs Zombies, as players deploy bunny (and other animal) units in rows, and wait as fox enemies approach from the right side of the screen.

As players complete the game’s 90+ levels, they’ll collect 12 different upgradable units for their army. Users start each stage with a few carrots (the game’s currency), and can use those carrots to plant actual carrots in the ground that will product additional currency over time. These carrots are then used to recruit military units, from a basic bunny wielding a slingshot to a skunk that shoots poison gas at enemies, among others.

During each level, players attempt to protect their gardens, with one garden located on the end of each row on the screen. While this is similar to the setup in Plants vs. Zombies, a single garden destroyed means defeat in a level, with nothing like a lawnmower to prevent this from happening. Another difference removes the deploy timers from units, so players can rapidly place as many bunnies or carrots as they’d like, so long as they have the currency.

Users can enter fast-forward mode to finish levels faster, and have access to power-ups if things get out of hand. For instance, an explosive is used to destroy fox units in a chosen area on the battlefield. Another, a shield, increases the defense of units by 50 percent. These powers are free to use and recharge automatically over time.

After completing each level on the default “normal” difficulty, players can go back and try them again on a harder difficulty setting. Gamers can also use the coins they earn while playing to upgrade their units and powers, increasing their damage stats, increasing the value of each carrot produced as currency, increasing the chance a unit has to stun an enemy in its tracks, and so on. Many units and powers are level-locked, but players can also spend coins to unlock them early.

Bunnies’ Empire is available to download for free on the iTunes App Store and Google Play. The game is supported via microtransactions, as users can purchase additional coin bundles, a coin doubler and an additional unit slot for combat with real money.

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