Burn the Rope (Xbox LIVE): Another Entertaining iOS Casual Game Makes its Way to Windows Phone

Burn the Rope has made its way from the iOS universe to Windows Phone. The $2.99 takes a relatively simple premise – burn all the rope by making sure the flame(s) always burn upwards – and creates increasingly complex scenarios to solve. Manipulating the phone to keep that flame moving upward is a lot tricker than it sounds after the first one or two simple scenarios.

Now in Marketplace: Burn the Rope

As if the two handed phone turning is not difficult enough, the game throws multiple rope paths and bugs which change game play.

As an Xbox LIVE game, there are 200 levels in 14 scenarios that can be gained and visible in Xbox LIVE Extras. Burn the Rope has an average customer rating of 4 stars (out of a possible 5) with 22 ratings posted so far. I, quite honestly, have not made it past the first level yet. You do not, by the way, need to burn every piece of rope in order to get points for a given level. Burn the Rope is an entertaining casual puzzle game that can be played for a minute or two or much much longer.

You can find more information about the game in the Windows Phone Marketplace:

Burn the Rope

Disclosure: Microsoft provided a copy of the game free of charge for review.