Businessweek Celebrates 85th Anniversary with 5 Covers

Bloomberg Businessweek is celebrating its 85th anniversary with five covers, each featuring a “disruptive idea.” The theme is carried on inside the issue, as Businessweek honors the 85 most disruptive ideas over the past 85 years. A few from the list:

  • VCR
  • Twitter
  • Starbucks
  • GPS
  • Gay marriage
  • Email

Businessweek’s editor, Josh Tyrangiel, explained the idea behind the ideas list:

This special issue chronicles the most disruptive ideas of the past 85 years, those entrepreneurial earthquakes whose tremors are still being felt. Disruption is a trendy word, but it’s used here without endorsement. To add a little tension, we’ve gone to the trouble of ranking these 85 disruptions and counting down to an overall world-changing champion. Comparing the importance of television to the impact of the Laffer Curve or Google to the AK-47 isn’t meant to yield scientific results. It’s meant to start some interesting arguments and remind us how dramatically business can change society.

Businessweek says the jet engine was the most disruptive idea of all. We tend to agree. Though a really disruptive idea would be flights that are always on time.

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