BuzzFeed Fixes Whorish Headline-Photo Pairing

A story at BuzzFeed from yesterday has been adjusted after FBDC pointed out its awkward headline and photo choice.

The original BuzzFeed story, by Rosie Gray, was written under the headline “Another Problem at Conservative Conference: Whorishness.” Accompanying the story was a large photo of conservative blogger Melissa Clouthier, who had written a post on her own blog about “slut”-like attendees at CPAC last weekend.

We pointed out that an inattentive reader could easily mistake the “whorish” headline as referring to Clouthier in the photo.

BuzzFeed editor Ben Smith contacted us to note that a previous post by Gray used a photo of conservative activist Erick Erickson to illustrate comments Erickson had made on his own site RedState. But the headline for that particular post on BuzzFeed was “Erick Erickson Scolds Young Conservatives For Treaing CPAC Like Spring Break.” That’s quite different.

Regardless, BuzzFeed has swapped out the photo in the post about Clouthier’s CPAC comments. The art accompanying the story is now a screen cap of Clouthier’s blog rather than a photo of Clouthier herself.

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