The Fraction of BuzzFeed Traffic That Comes from Google News

In the Client Testimonials section for Boise, Idaho-based “enterprise SEO and consulting services” firm Define Media Group, there are flattering words from Business Insider, Hearst Digital Media and In other words, major media companies have valued the approach of a brain trust that includes Define VP Adam Sherk.

On Sherk’s personal blog today, there are a pair of charts ranking referred Google News traffic for major media sites. The second table, listing outlets by order of relative percentage rather than total clicks, is most revealing. Especially the outlet listed (for January-November 2014) in very last place:


It’s not often that being last on this kind of chart is cause for celebration. But since, in this case, it means that BuzzFeed’s mission of social-driven views is going according to plan, high fives are in order. The Verge can also rightfully bellow “We’re Number 77!”

@hollywoodspin Richard Horgan is co-editor of Fishbowl.