BuzzFeed’s Jonah Peretti Explains How to Predict When Videos Go Viral [Video]

The social media mavens at BuzzFeed are always on the lookout for the stories that draw a gut reaction from the social web. In part two of our “Media Beat” interview with Jonah Peretti, the BuzzFeed co-founder explains how to predict when a video will go viral.  You’re going to want to take notes.

“If you get a million views by buying the homepage of YouTube, and you paid a million dollars for a million views, that is very different than if you are a kid who made some funny video in your basement and shared it with a few friends, and that spread through word of mouth to millions of people,” Peretti says. “Once you give up on trying to have direct control over it, you realize that there are other ways you can influence what goes viral.”

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