No Vanity Fair Halo for This Halloween Costume

The Caitlyn option is, so far, a Midtown bust.

CaitlynJennerSpirtHalloweenAccording to a report by Bloomberg Businessweek’s Claire Suddath, the Caitlyn Jenner costume pictured at right is prominently displayed in the window of a Spirit Halloween location in Midtown. The corset, shorts and wig set is not much of a “costume,” which is perhaps the reason for this:

Employees at the store said they’d yet to sell one.

Ouch. A “Sexy Pizza Rat” costume rustled up by website is doing a tad better for that company, with 100 sold. But part of the problem there could be the price tag – a hefty $89.95. (The Spirit Halloween Jenner get-up retails for $49.95.)

Maybe some enterprising Oct. 31 adult party folk will add a transgender streak to the number one U.S. adult Halloween costume for 11 years running. According to the National Retail Federation, that would be the witch costume.

Update (Oct. 30):
Who knows if things changed at the Midtown store locaton. But nationally, the Caitlyn costume is a Spirit Halloween bestseller. From a report by Forbes’ Clare O’Connor:

The chain — the largest specialty Halloween retailer in the country, owned by mall stalwart Spencer Gifts — reports that their $49.99 ‘Caitlyn corset and wig set’ is among the four top sellers for adults this season as of Friday, the day before the holiday.

The three other bestsellers for 2015: Harley Quinn, their homage to the DC Comics villainess; Day of the Dead themed outfits and masks; and Twisted Clown, their version of the (frankly terrifying) ‘American Horror Story’ character.

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