Cakeday For MJD

Three years ago, MediaJobsDaily was born.

We’ve done our best to keep you informed and employed since then. We’ve produced—wouldja believe it?—nearly 6,000 posts, and hey, some of them might even have been good. We’ll leave that up to you to decide, though.

Anyway, we decided the occasion deserved our best awful cake (as found on Flickr, thanks) and we’re gonna nosh on a cookie or two IRL.

With all great anniversary announcements often come announcements of change (okay, we just made that up). As of March 16, we’ll be passing the torch on (but don’t worry, we’ll stick around as a sort of “blogger emeritus”–we just made that up, too). MJD is changing. We think for the better. It’s been awesome, y’all.