Called It Social Predictions App Launches on iOS

The Called It app allows users to make predictions about a variety of topics, like pop culture and politics.

Social predictions app Called It has launched on iOS devices, allowing users to make predictions on topics across multiple categories, and share their correct predictions with friends.

The Called It app allows users to follow multiple topics, including current events, technology and pop culture, among others. Each day, the app provides a new list of multiple choice questions for users to answer, with their answers becoming predictions within the system. For example, current questions allow users to predict the outcomes of sporting events, or ‘which country will be involved in the next hacker scandal,’ among others. Upon making each prediction, the app allows users to compare their response with the percentage of responses across every possible choice. Users can skip any prompt they don’t wish to answer.

As users make predictions, these show up in a social feed, with each prediction allowing others users to vote up or down based on whether or not they agree. Users can also comment on predictions to chat with others, or follow other users to keep track of their predictions.

Called It

In addition to answering existing prediction prompts, users can create their own predictions, with support for those based on widely known topics, or even those that would only be important in their individual circle of friends. In either case, by having their prediction on record, users can share their correct predictions with others when or if they’re proven right.

As users interact with the app, they’ll earn experience points and will level up over time. The app determines the difficulty in correctly predicting each outcome, and rewards users with more points as they correctly predict difficult outcomes.

In a statement, Matt Grantham, co-founder of Called It, commented:

We believe that everyone gazes into the future and imagines what it could hold, whether for themselves, their favorite sports team or the world at large. From the moment we came up with the concept, we realized that nothing like Called it exists. Called it taps into the innate human desire to wonder what the future may hold in a way that is interactive and entertaining.

Called It is available to download for free on the iTunes App Store. The app is coming soon to Google Play.

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