Calling VOA Volunteers: Receive Ebola Vaccine And Report on Experience

n-EBOLA-VIRUS-largeVOA’s acting managing editor for its central news division David Jones emailed staff yesterday to offer the chance to receive and report on the Ebola vaccine currently being tested at the Walter Reed Army Institute of Research, reported on Wednesday by USA Today.

While Jones does not yet have access to the vaccine (it’s merely an idea to be pursued), he told FishbowlDC today that per the news service’s legal department, VOA cannot guarantee that it will publish or broadcast employee reporting on the experience. So far, three staff have expressed interest.

So for those at the U.S. government-funded international news broadcasting service who missed it, this might be your chance. See Jones’ note to staff after the jump.

From: David Jones
Sent: Thursday, October 16, 2014 11:44 AM
To: VOA Newsroom
Subject: Ebola test volunteer?

I’m just wondering if any of our correspondents or writers would be interested in becoming a volunteer for the Ebola vaccine being tested at Walter Reed, and then report or blog about the experience? Officials say there is no possibility of contracting Ebola from the vaccine because it does not contain the virus. They mainly seem to be interested in making sure there are no other side effects. (There is already one potential volunteer but I want to make sure everyone has a chance.)

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