Candy Crush Saga and ChefVille this week’s gainer and loser among the Top 25 games of October 2012

It’s Halloween, which means it’s also time to finish up our look back at the Top 25 Facebook games of October 2012.

As it’s the end of the month, we’ll be checking out the top games on the list, which tend to see the least amount of movement based on traffic changes. The games at the top of the list have such massive numbers of daily active users (the best gauge of a title’s core audience) that it’s not uncommon to see a gain or loss of a million DAU and have the game hold the same spot had the previous month.

Here’s what we’ve looked at so far this month:

  • Oct. 11, 2012: No. 25 (Hidden Chronicles) through No. 19 (The Sims Social)
  • Oct. 19, 2012: No. 18 (Slotomania) through No. 12 (Bejeweled Blitz)
  • Oct. 26, 2012: No. 12 (CityVille) through No. 7 (Diamond Dash)
This week we’ll look at No. 6 through No. 1.

6. SongPop

FreshPlanet’s SongPop has dropped from 4.1 million DAU to 3.4 million. Since the game launched in June, it’s seen a meteoric rise in traffic thanks to Mark Zuckerberg playing it and the subsequent media attention. In September, SongPop peaked with 4.7 million DAU, but it’s been losing traffic since then at a rate similar to its gains. Since we’re at the end of the month, SongPop will probably drop down a few spots on the November Top 25 list but will probably stay in the top ten.

5. Candy Crush Saga’s Candy Crush Saga is up from 4.5 million DAU to 4.8 million (though it’s gotten as high as 5 million earlier this month). Since its April launch, Candy Crush Saga’s seen some strong, steady gains but has been slowing down over the past couple of months. Still, the game doesn’t look like it’s going to start losing traffic anytime soon. Based on this month’s gains, it looks like Candy Crush Saga should be able to move up a spot in time for next month’s list.

4. ChefVille

Zynga’s ChefVille is down from 5 million DAU to 3.9 million. ChefVille’s traffic is similar to that of Zynga’s other recent high-profile releases, with an initial surge that sees the game hit its peak level and subsequent traffic losses almost immediately afterwards. ChefVille peaked in late August and early September with 7.2 million DAU, but it’s been losing users ever since. Based on this traffic pattern, it looks like ChefVille will probably appear somewhere between No. 10 and No. 15 on tomorrow’s Top 25 list.

3. Words With Friends

Zynga’s Words With Friends is up to 6 million DAU after starting the month at 5.9 million; earlier this month, the game got as high as 6.15 million. Of course, this is nowhere near the game’s peak traffic rate of 9 million DAU that were hit in February, but the game’s been holding steady around the 6 million mark since early August. Given the game’s steady user numbers, it looks like Words With Friends probably won’t be moving much, but it might drop down to No. 5 based on the performance of other titles on next month’s list.

2. FarmVille 2

Zynga’s FarmVille 2 is continuing to show strong gains, leaping up from 6.5 million DAU to 8.7 million. The game hit a peak of 9.1 million DAU last week, but traffic’s dropped a bit since then. FarmVille 2 was singled out as a major success for Zynga during its earnings call, which we recently noted might be counting some chickens before they’ve hatched. The game’s been getting rave reviews, though, and its intense traffic gains will probably have it taking the No. 1 position tomorrow.

1. Texas HoldEm Poker

Texas HoldEm Poker is down from 6.6 million DAU to 6.2 million. Since July, the game’s been regularly losing traffic after it almost hit a new peak  point with 7.4 million DAU. Texas HoldEm Poker is one of Zynga’s oldest and best-performing games, but this is the lowest the game’s traffic has been since December 2011. At the moment, the game will take the No. 2 spot next month, but if the traffic losses continue the game might drop further down the list over November.

All data in this post comes from our traffic tracking service, AppDataCome back tomorrow for the Top 25 Facebook games of November 2012.

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