The Carpetbagger Bows to the Majesty of Angelina Jolie

ShutterstockAngelinaJolieMaleficentIn our humble opinion, the New York Times should have changed the name of its awards column to coincide with the recent beat takeover by Cara Buckley. “The Carpetbagger” is semi-clever and kind of makes etymological sense. But phonetically, it’s harsh; almost, obscene.

In any event, a little over six months into the roll-up-the-red-carpet-and-go, Buckley got some one-on-one time with the director of Unbroken at New York’s Porter House. The reporter starts off by suggesting that she won’t often focus in the column on one person, which seems counterproductive (isn’t awards season ultimately all about one person’s?). Later, Buckley touches on the latest strand of the Sony hack scandal as detailed by Sam Biddle:

Universal had arranged for her to have some one-on-one time with the Bagger a few hours after Ms. Jolie appeared on The Daily Show, and right before she held court at the Porter House party, where she would chat with Barbara Walters, among many others.

The interview also preceded, by days, the leaked Sony emails wherein the producer Scott Rudin would excoriate Ms. Jolie and her film; on Wednesday, the studio said Ms. Jolie “would never ever comment on such a thing.”

Smart PR move. However, awards pundits will surely in the remaining months of this awards season be debating if and how Rudin’s characterizations of Jolie might help or hinder her Oscar chances. Read the rest of Buckley’s report here.

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