Cashplay Launches eSports Tournament App on iOS

CashplayeSport tournament provider Cashplay has announced the launch of its iOS app, giving gamers a showcase of Cashplay-supported games, which feature tournaments that give them a chance to win real money. The app serves as a hub for all of a player’s Cashplay-related activities, allowing them to manage their account, add or withdraw funds, or view their tournament history. Since these games and tournaments are based on skill, rather than chance, they avoid the restrictions associated with sweepstakes.

The Cashplay system allows users to create an account which carries with them across a variety of mobile games, from endless runners to puzzle and racing games, among others. The app contains a catalog of these games, so players can browse their options, learning a bit about each, before deciding whether to download them. When players find a game they’d like to try, the app redirects the user to the App Store to download the game as normal.

After users have a Cashplay account, they can use the app to deposit money to their account, or withdraw their winnings. This money is available across all games, so if players try a cash tournament in one game, and decide they don’t like it, they can take their account and their cash with them to another game without penalty.

Once players have a tournament history, the app can be used to view the results of these tournaments, or to view any open tournaments still available for participation. Users can also use the app to invite their friends to join the program.

“As the catalog of Cashplay-enabled games expands every day, cash tournament players have asked for a central place to discover them all, learn about the latest promotions, and gain access to Cashplay exclusive content,” said Thomas Newman, managing director of Cashplay, in a statement. “With our new app for iOS, players can now find all the games that automatically tie into their universal Cashplay wallet. This feature allows players to simply download games and start competing for cash immediately without having to register for games individually.”

The Cashplay app is available to download for free on the iTunes App Store.