CCBetty Adds Search to Personal Email Assistant

CCBetty, the personal assistant service that creates a web-based mailspace, has added a few new features that further simplify the organization process. Namely search, viewing options and other custom capabilities have enhanced CCBetty’s core feature set.
For instance, CCBetty now offers alternate color schemes for your mailspace. There’s also a new at-a-glance option, which helps you better process your mailspace’s new information, updates and shared content.

Another new viewing option allows you to view documents directly within a mailspace, removing the need to download a document just to view it. This is a rather important new feature as it very much simplifies the overall process of accessing and utilizing content within an email message. Google is one email client that has really pushed such preview options for content sent through gmail, so it’s easy to recognize the importance of such an option.
More importantly, however, CCBetty has added search to its service, making it far easier to find what you need. I think the addition of search to CCBetty is extremely important for the service, as it’s a personal assistant tool aimed at making email messaging between people and groups an easier and more organized task.
It’s these social features that also add to CCBetty’s usefulness, as a mailspace can be shared with others and created for the purpose of tracking a given message, keeping tabs on replies, responses and the history of shared content.
The concepts surrounding the social aspects of CCBetty are actually somewhat aligned with what gmail has done in incorporating sharing capabilities for messages and shared media content, but CCBetty has centered these features around a personal assistant tool. Similar to Lunaar, the social capacity for CCBetty only adds to the usefulness of a personal assistant service, specifically in regards to media sharing and tracking.