10 Power Tips For CEOs, Managers And Everyone Too Busy For Twitter

Should CEOs, VPs, managers and other high-powered, super-busy corporate folk use Twitter? Absolutely. In fact, I’d say it’s essential.

We understand that you’re busy. After all, you have a successful company to run. But if your business leverages social media tools (and if it doesn’t, it must) and your brand, employees and competitors are using Twitter and Facebook, then so should you.

At the very least you’ll be setting a fine example, and all CEOs should have a sound, working knowledge of social media, both for the perks that brings in and of itself, and because it’s such an increasingly vital cog in the structure of modern business. Plus, you’ll be better informed to determine whether your employees are being productive or simply wasting company time.

Here are 10 quick but powerful tips to get you started.

  1. Before you begin, educate yourself about what Twitter is, how it works and its mores and customs
  2. Be genuine – think personable, not personal (and don’t take it too seriously)
  3. Don’t worry about how many followers you have. It’s not a competition
  4. Communicate with your customers and stockholders (not just your employees)
  5. Ask questions
  6. Answer questions
  7. Don’t just broadcast – engage, engage, engage
  8. Find the right balance between too little and too much
  9. Stick with it and be patient (an abandoned account screams failure or bandwagoning)
  10. Many professionals and entrepreneurs are interested in the day-to-day lives (business and leisure) of successful CEOs. You probably were too before you became one yourself. When you were starting out, who did YOU look up to? Why? What was it about them that inspired you? Think about it, because that’s the angle you want to take in your tweets

The good news? You can do all of this in less than 30 minutes a day.

Take a look around. Are the CEOs of your competitors on Twitter? Are they using it effectively? Chances are that you’re already behind. But you might get lucky and find you’re ahead of the curve, so seize this advantage and gain a valuable edge by acting now.

Believe me, we get it. Your time is valuable, and simply cannot be wasted. But here’s a heads up: you’re busy, I’m busy, everyone is busy. And if Bill Gates, Michael Dell, Richard Branson, Mark Cuban and Martha Lane Fox can make Twitter an important part of their business day, then so can you.

(Businessman image via Shutterstock.)