Cerberus App Helps Recover Stolen Android Smartphones

About a month ago AppNewser showed you an iPhone hack which would let you take photos from a stolen iPhone as a way of helping you identify the alleged  thief and hopefully track down the iPhone. Today I have a similar app for Android.

Cerberus is an app which can be found in Google Play, and it is much more capable than the iPhone hack. This app will let you remotely control the smartphone it’s running on, including getting location data and taking photos with the camera. You can also remotely set off a loud alarm on the phone, making it easier to identify whose pocket it is in. Cerberus can also remotely wipe the storage of the phone or simply lock it down so it cannot be used.

And that is just a taste of what this app can do. While there are a number of competing apps in Google Play, including some expensive ones by computer security pros like Kaspersky, I think this could easily be one of the better apps. It has a 5 star rating, which is not something you see everyday.

via Google Play

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