Get Notified Instantly When One Of Your Twitter Connections Changes Their Bio

Now this is a pretty neat little Twitter tool: lets you know the instant someone you’re connected with on Twitter changes their bio in any way.

To be notified about the changes in your Twitter connection’s bios, you just have to connect your Twitter account to When a Twitter user you know changes his or her bio, you’ll receive an email documenting the changes.

You can choose to get email updates the instant someone updates their bio or changes their profile pic, or choose instead to get daily or weekly digests of the changes.

So why would you want to know about bio changes, anyway?

If you’re using Twitter for marketing, you can keep tabs on your customers and any changes they might be going through. They could signal new interests or needs in their bios that you might be able to fill.

Or, you could use this service to maintain connection with your business network. Colleagues, competitors and possible partners will all go through changes while they tweet, and if you’re the first to congratulate someone on their new job or a move into a new city, you’ll stand out. is a free service put together by “a few Dutch guys” who apparently just want to make people happy with their product. It’s still in Beta, so you might experience some glitches, but the experience was very smooth when we tested it. The team also has a Twitter account (@BioIsChanged) you can follow for the latest update to this nifty little app.

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