ChangeWave: iPhone 5 selling at record rates based on buying intention; consumers don’t have a problem with Apple Maps

A new survey published today by 451 Research/ChangeWave Research revealed that the iPhone 5 is set to sell at a “record” pace based on buying intention, not actual purchases.

The September survey asked 4,270 North American consumers how likely they were to buy an iPhone 5 in the future. Results showed that one in three people, 32 percent, said they’re likely to buy Apple’s fifth generation iPhone, with 19 percent saying “very likely” and 13 percent saying “somewhat likely.” Compared to results from a similar question in an October 2011 survey from the Bethesda, Md.-based research firm, the iPhone 4S launch saw 10 percent of consumers were “very likely” and 11.5 percent were “somewhat likely.”

Despite the survey focusing on purchasing intention rather than actual sales, the iPhone 5 has already been selling at a record mark over the iPhone 4S, with more than 5 million iPhone 5’s sold in its first three days, which outpaced the 4 million sold for the iPhone 4S.

The survey also posed the question to its participants, who already upgraded to iOS 6 or purchased an iPhone 5, whether the new Apple Maps app was a problem. 90 percent of users said it was “no problem at all/haven’t experienced any problem,” even though Apple has publicly apologized about its Maps app. The other 10 percent of people broke down into 3 percent saying it was a “very big problem,” six percent saying “somewhat of a problem” and one percent saying “not much of a problem.” Contrasting the iPhone 4’s antenna and reception issue in the summer of 2010, a ChangeWave survey in 2010 showed that seven percent of new iPhone 4 owners saw the issue as a “very big problem,” 14 percent as “somewhat of a problem,” 14 percent as “not much of a problem” and 64 percent as “no problem at all/haven’t experienced any problem.”