Canada Getting Five Times More Charlie Hebdo Copies Than U.S.

North American distributor has requested a second shipment

LMPILogoThat’s because unlike the U.S., where distribution of the French satirical magazine was halted in 2010, Canada has continued to carry the publication, mainly in Quebec.

The U.S., which normally sees zero copies, will have 300 on hand by the end of the week. Canada, which typically receives 100 copies of the magazine via distributor LS Distribution/LMPI, will get 1500. LMPI is also handling the U.S. extension.

It will be interesting to see if the social media community starts singling out and objecting to retailers who publicly chose not to carry the limited available run. For example, a Barnes & Noble spokesperson told U.S. News & World Report that the chain was not making any efforts to offer the item, a decision likely motivated only by logistics.

We’re talking here about the first wave of availability only. Independent vendors in New York City like Bouwerie Iconic Magazine on Bowery just below Houston have put in a request for several hundred copies of the issue. That won’t be met, however, LMPI has asked for a second shipment of several thousand more copies. France and the rest of Europe are getting first priority, so it’s very possible those 1800 North American issues are all that will be retail circulating.

Our suggestion to any New York retailer lucky enough to get their hands on one of those rare first-wave copies: don’t sell the only or last one. Keep it on hand for customers to request and peruse on-site.

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