CBS This Morning Sizes Media Footprint of ‘Meatball the Bear’

Have SoCal bear sightings risen to the media-frenzy level of SoCal car chases? That’s what a California Department of Fish and Game official told reporter Lee Cowan in a report aired today on CBS This Morning.

Although the analogy may be a bit of a stretch, there’s no denying the 15 minutes of furry fame achieved by “Meatball the Bear.” Very few mammals can lay claim to the #humblebrag of a thoughtful Charlie Rose intro (again, see above).

Cowan includes a nice mention of Sarah Aujero, the person responsible for Meatball’s Twitter account @TheGlendaleBear. At this point, the only question we have is how many Glendale residents have a bear costume and bag of frozen meatballs picked out for the night of October 31. Trick or meat!

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