Chase Carey is a Busy Cowboy

(Via Businessweek)

It’s been well documented that Chase Carey, the right hand man to Rupert Murdoch, holds quite a bit of power at News Corporation. Murdoch has a lot of trust in Carey, at one point saying, “Chase is my partner and if anything happened to me, I’m sure he’ll get it immediately.”

As News Corp. wades its way through the murky waters of the phone hacking scandal, Carey’s role has grown larger than ever, so we’re all getting some insight into what the man is truly like.

Helping us all out is the new New York Times profile, which sheds plenty of light on the COO. Below are some highlights.

  • Carey really, really likes sports. He once played rugby and is a “die-hard Yankees and Giants fan.”
  • His diet could use some work. “He regularly orders a hamburger and fries during power lunches in News Corporation’s third-floor executive dining room and rides a packed commuter train home to the Connecticut suburbs, often popping a can of Budweiser on the way…”

  • Carey doesn’t want to hear about your stupid day or your stupid life. “Colleagues describe him as all-business with little interest in making small talk, unless it is sports related. Several longtime associates said they knew about Mr. Carey’s wife and his son and daughter only because of an annual Christmas card.”
  • He is a busy cowboy. “Mr. Carey, who wears blazers with elbow patches and a Wyatt Earp-style handlebar mustache, leads earnings calls, speaks at investor conferences and strategizes on everything, including retransmission fees with cable and satellite companies.”

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