Chillingo’s Tiny Troopers: Alliance Launches on iOS

Chillingo has announced the launch of the latest game in the Tiny Troopers franchise, Tiny Troopers: Alliance. Developed by Kukouri Mobile Entertainment, the game is the series’ most advanced offering so far, as users have full control of their troops at all times on the battlefield. In Tiny Troopers: Alliance, players build a base and recruit an army, leading them into battle in a single-player campaign, or against other real-players.

Players begin by building a base, using gold and steel as two primary resources. Users build gold mines and steel mills to produce these resources over time, and can upgrade their structures to become more productive. A barracks allows users to recruit troops like riflemen, grenadiers and missile troopers, while defensive structures, like turret towers, bunkers and mines, can be constructed to defend one’s base from oncoming attacks. Eventually, players can build a tech center, unlocking artillery strikes, speed boosts and even medical abilities, among other structures.

Buildings and upgrades take time to complete, but users can spend Medals (premium currency) to finish these instantly. Premium currency can also be used to purchase additional engineers, unlocking the ability to complete more individual actions simultaneously on the base.Tiny Troopers AlliancePlayers can upgrade their individual troop types in order to make them stronger, and increase their chance of success across all battles. It should be noted that these troops are lost when deployed, even if they don’t fall in battle, so players should be prepared to routinely recruit new troops in between battles.

In the game’s single-player campaign, users complete level-based missions against AI-controlled bases. During each battle, players tap and drag to position their units somewhere in the available deploy zone. From there, they can tap on units to take control of them, and tap again on the ground or an enemy structure to order that squad / troop (or set of troops) to move to that location or attack that building. Units will continue on their own, but players can jump back in with additional orders at any time during combat.

The game’s multiplayer features allow users to attack other players, or join alliances with friends and strangers. These alliances can then enter into wars against one another in global weekly events. A real-time chat menu is also available for alliance members.

Tiny Troopers: Alliance is available to download for free on the iTunes App Store.

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