Facebook's Chris Kelly Considers Run To Become California's Attorney General

Chris Kelly, Facebook’s Chief Privacy Officer, formally announced today that he has formed a committee to explore running for California Attorney General in 2010. No, Chris isn’t formally announcing himself as a candidate but this is essentially a step in that direction. Chris has also recorded a video which announces the creation of an exploratory committee (which we’ve also embedded below).

Chris has also set up a website (kelly2010.com), Facebook public profile, and an application to announce the formation of the committee. It seems like a fairly formal announcement for not being a candidacy announcement but Facebook already appears to be making preparations for Kelly taking a leave of absence.
As Eric Eldon writes, Facebook hired “Tim Sparapani away from the American Civil Liberties Union at the end of last month to be its new ‘director of public policy.'” While Sparapani hasn’t been a stated replacement for Chris Kelly, he does currently report directly to Chris. We first spoke to Chris Kelly back in November of 2007 when he was speaking at a panel here in D.C.
Rumors that Kelly would be running for Attorney General of California first surfaced back in December at which point it was expected that Kelly would leave office by mid-2009. It appears as though the formation of a campaign team is on track and it’s starting with this exploratory committee announcement.