(Video) Chuck Scarborough Celebrates 38 Years at WNBC

It’s a bittersweet anniversary for Chuck Scarborough, who marks an incredible 38 years at WNBC March 25. Earlier this month, his on-air “better half,” Sue Simmons was canned by Channel 4 after 32 years. Her contract wasn’t renewed, but Scarborough’s was for additional three years. That means if he finishes out his new pact, Scarborough will be with WNBC until he’s 71.

Scarborough has dozens of Emmy Awards to his credit, and fittingly he and Simmons are charter members of the New York State Broadcasters Association Hall of Fame.

Scarborough has been the face of the station through various set redesigns and rebrandings. In those halcyon days of the 1970s, he helmed the NewsCenter 4 look, bringing the feel of Star Trek’s Enterprise to 30 Rock. (See below for a Scarborough news update from 1979.)

By the 1980s, it was time for the more subdued News 4 New York, while in the 1990s it was NewsChannel 4. In 2008, WNBC returned to News 4 New York with new graphics.

Through it all, Scarborough was there like a beacon in the night, guiding ships through rough waters. But, come June the super-successful Chuck and Sue excursion will be no more.

However, we’re also confident that the iconic figure in New York broadcasting will persevere, either solo or with a new anchor.

WNBC declined to make Scarborough available for an interview with FishbowlNY.

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