Cillizza On the Vilification Of Chris Hughes


Amid all the bashing of The New Republic owner, Chris Hughes, following a wave of massive shake-ups at the magazine last week, The Post’s Chris Cillizza took a moment yesterday to remind everyone that Hughes is not, in fact, the worst person in the world.

A lot has been said about the moves. Everything from eulogies for The New Republic to Daniel Snyder comparisons have been launched in a shaming campaign against the magazine’s owner. But as he wrote yesterday afternoon on “The Fix,” Cillizza poses the question: “Have we gone overboard in the “Chris Hughes is the worst person ever” sweepstakes? And, if so, why?”

The answer he seems to give is ‘yes,’ highlighting several key issues as to why. Firstly, Cillizza points out that people love Frank Foer and hate Chris Hughes. The former roommate of Mark Zuckerberg has cast himself as “the Montgomery Buns figure,” while Foer would inevitably play the role of “the forever-altruistic Ned Flanders.”

Secondly, Hughes revealed the uncomfortable and “dirty secret of modern journalism”  — the industry is, well, a business. Like The Newsroom‘s Lucas Pruitt, owner of ACN (played by BJ Novak), Hughes intends to take his media outlet in a new direction, one that acknowledges the reality that traffic will keep finances healthy and that a more pragmatic attitude maybe necessary in this new age.

Cillizza seems to believe that the realities of modern journalism have moved Hughes to undergo these massive changes, but at the end of the day, everyone will be just fine –the magazine will continue on in some fashion or another, and the talented writers that have left will find good jobs else where.

(Read Chris Cillizza’s article on The Washington Post’s politics blog,”The Fix”)

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