Florida Columnist Fact-Checks Cindy Adams

A distorted view from the Collier County condo of pal Judge Judy.

CindyAdamsNaplesNaples Daily News columnist Brent Batten is fully cognisant of the tongue-in-cheek flavoring of Cindy AdamsApri 25 item about a recent visit to his coastal city. Still, he feels that even within those margins, her accuracy is a little too far off the scenic West Coast of the Sunshine State.

Batten definitely has fun taking Adams’s reporting to task:

Her premise includes more errors than a Donald Trump campaign tweet, less research than Bernie Sanders’ economic policy and at least as many contradictions as Hillary Clinton’s email cover story.

Adams says she spent her time in Naples at the palatial home of Judge Judy Scheindlin, which by the way isn’t in Naples (Adams makes the common visitor mistake of equating Naples proper to urban Collier County, which is vastly larger). Apparently, the Scheindlins are poor hosts because they didn’t take their guest to see much of the surrounding town.

The poverty line in Naples is not four homes, Batten clarifies. And if a local resident dropped a $100 bill, they would most certainly pick up. Batten also somewhat hilariously wedges in a mention of the first-ever U.S. Open Pickleball Championships, taking place in Naples April 26 through May 1.

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