CNBC’s Targeted Debate Focus Looks Like a Winning Strategy

It's about the know the rest.

Turns out, there’s a lot of untrod territory for CNBC to tackle in tonight’s GOP primary debate, thanks to its specific focus on finance and the economy. This is what Becky Quick, one of the debate moderators, told New York Times’ John Koblin about the possibilities:

“Somebody emailed me the other day and said there had been 441 questions in the presidential debates so far, and not one of them was about the debt ceiling,” Becky Quick, a CNBC anchor who will serve as one of the debate moderators, said in an interview.

She pored over the debate transcripts and confirmed it: Moderators had ignored the debt ceiling.

Its targeted focus is giving the network pre-debate hype it probably wouldn’t have enjoyed if this had been a general-question debate, especially since the economy consistently shows up as one of, if not the most, important issues for voters.

Of course, there’s always the specter of more Donald Trump histrionics to keep it from getting too heavy.

And if you’re curious about how the debate was [literally] constructed, here it is in 50 seconds:

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