CNN’s Jaconi and Preston Give Good ‘Gut Check’

Playbook, HuffPost Hill, and RCP, take note:  a new daily email newser is creeping into your space as well as the inboxes of Washington’s top wonks and influencers.

Over the past few weeks, veteran producer Michelle Jaconi and CNN Political Director Mark Preston have quietly begun circulating their 5 p.m. “Gut Check” to colleagues, deal makers and choice recipients at the White House and on Capitol Hill.  Defined as “a pause to assess the state, progress or condition of the political news cycle,” Gut Check appears to be the evening answer to Politico Mike Allen’s morning distribution. Preston and Jaconi’s pub provides politicos and the people who love them, a two-minute analysis of the day in politics, a rundown of stories leading competitive websites, top tweets, monumental moments from the campaign trail, breaking news and other tasty tidbits to satisfy the Beltway’s inquiring minds.

FishbowlDC hears an automated signup form for CNN’s Gut Check is in the works but early adopters have to request an ‘add’ the old fashioned way – by emailing or checking it out each evening on CNN’s political ticker blog.

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