Gets New Look


Andrew Morse, senior vice president of CNN, announced some changes to the network’s digital portfolio to ring in the new year.

Morse, who was hired from Bloomberg back in August 2013 to lead CNN’s domestic newsgathering and digital editorial efforts, called the changes a “a total re-platforming of one of the largest and most trafficked sites in the world” and “a significant overhaul” in a staff memo this morning.

Highlighting the effects the new site will have on mobile devices, he lists several key features of the overhaul:

  • Consistent user experience across platforms: A fully responsive design that automatically re-optimizes for any device engaging with – on desktop, smartphone and tablets.
  • Emphasis on video: More video in more places, and more ways to serve it than ever before – from story pages to CNNgo. Plus a massive full-width player for cinematic viewing across platforms.
  • Social enhancements: More intuitive social media tools make it easier for users to share content. The new content management system (CMS) enables seamless integration of social elements — from Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc. – right into story pages. New talent profiles, program and series pages encourage deeper and more organic engagement.
  • A sleek and modern design aesthetic: Big, bold, dynamic. A visually-striking jumbotron highlights the day’s “big story.” Distinct and customizable section pages give our editorial and design teams more arrows in their quiver to adapt to the demands of each day’s news.
  • Improved navigation: Fly-out nav and more streamlined site architecture make it simpler to find stories, personalities and programs. A persistent ticker, matching the one from CNN television, calls out breaking news and directs users to dive deeper.

“We’re living through a period of rapid innovation, and we must always look for ways to adapt and improve,” said Morse. “We will continue to push ourselves and to dream big.”

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