CNN Prepares For Digital ‘Reboot’

cnndigital will be getting a facelift come January, Capital New York reports. Although the redesign is not finalized, one addition that is certain is a live “ticker” on the site with scrolling headlines, much like the one already on CNN TV.

“The real difference in our approach has been to get a television operation to think digital first,” O’Keefe tells Capital. “We have this enormous audience, we reach just about everyone you could potentially want to reach. But if CNN is going to make the full-scale transition to digital in general, not just CNN Politics or CNN Money, you have got to think about where the audience is, rather than constantly trying to drive them back to you.”

The site is also taking the lead of the popular politically-focused “Hambycast” for other digital series. Reports Capital:

CNN plans to expand on the “Hambycast” concept with other reporters. In June of 2015, it will debut “Maeve in Hollywood,” a digital series hosted by recent hire Maeve Reston, formerly of the Los Angeles Times.

“Maeve in Hollywood” will “be the intersection of politics, policy and money in California, and of course the ‘#campaignfashionreport’ will be a feature,” O’Keefe said, referring to a regular feature of Reston’s social media feeds.

Jim Sciutto, Elise Labott and Dana Bash, Gloria Borger, Jake Tapper, John King and Wolf Blitzer, we can do things with all of these people if we can encapsulate a product that has a really distinct differentiated perspective,” O’Keefe said.